About Trenchless Services Center


Developed for Industry Suport

Highly skilled professional technicians dedicated to the Trenchless Industry focused on repairing CCTV, Robotics, Location & all related Electronic equipment

At the Trenchless Service Centre we are bridging the gap, with many years of experience within the contracting world combined with decades of experience from the servicing and technical side of the industry we are able to bring them together to provide the ultimate service experience. The Trenchless Service Centre has been developed to help close the gap from the manufacture equipment supply to the assist the contractors momentum, we understand downtime is bad time and that’s where the TSC will add value to your business.

At Trenchless Service Centre our team of technicians have the experience and skills needed to work on all kinds of robotic equipment. Our key focus is on customer service, we will ensure that there is complete transparency for all repair work undertaken and we will provide a high level of dedication and expertise in all areas of servicing, whilst providing you with a fast

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